Return of the erudite zombie

Ms Novocaine has nothing better to do, so after a hiatus, scrubbing up and polishing her wordy adroitness, she has returned to do this blog. There’s little exciting to comment on at Reuters other than this cool dude, his saxophone and the island to which he has sensibly escaped away from the rat race or … Continue reading

Room to swing a hamster

You know life is a bowl of George Clooneys when you can book into a hotel and make like a hamster. In this case, you dress up as a hamster, eat like a hamster, run in a wheel like a hamster, evacuate like a hamster and within all likelihood, shag like a hamster. I may … Continue reading

Ladies and gentlefolk

Today we’re going to talk about ladies. And we’re going to talk about ladies for several reasons: My friend, Charles, sent an email around addressed to ‘gentlefolk and ladies’ which required me to send back an email that said this: According to my Macquarie Dictionary gentlefolk are: ‘Persons of good family and breeding’. Does that … Continue reading

Greetings from the denim goddess

This, my friends, is where I get to be all informative and shit and gallivant across the wondrous Internet in my sparkly pixelated knickers, bound breasts like a modern Joan d’Arc and favourite jeans. I am a coy thing and as world weary people know coy things like to dress respectfully and as every respectable … Continue reading