Return of the erudite zombie

Ms Novocaine has nothing better to do, so after a hiatus, scrubbing up and polishing her wordy adroitness, she has returned to do this blog. There’s little exciting to comment on at Reuters other than this cool dude, his saxophone and the island to which he has sensibly escaped away from the rat race or that France has turned socialist. Instead, Ms Novocaine has put aside her thinking hat and walking boots and gone and done something silly by creating Merciless Masterchef Australia.

It’s important at this stage to point out that Ms Novocaine does not watch reality television. She repeats that she does not watch reality television. so why is she doing this? Well, Ms Novocaine was brought up Catholic and no one does martyrdom better than Catholics even after they’ve excommicated themselves. Martyrdom sticks to ex Catholic women like a rubber suit on a hot, humid day in a Queensland summer.

Let me repeat Ms Novocaine does not watch reality television or commercial television if she can help it. She likes to think of herself as an erudite, culturally adept, watcher of intelligent television like Mad Men, Life on Mars (the British one), The Wire and Greenwing. She is a connoissieur of highbrow television but one must spread one’s commercial wings and learn to fly amidst the flaccid scrapings of commercial Australian television and it provides excellent scope for observation of the way the other 89.6 % live*. And it just might be a tiny bit of fun.

*Upperlip, T. B. 2010, ‘The habits of commercially inclined reality television viewers’, The Journal of Scientific Conjecture Vol 3 (4)


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